rvtmod7 documentation index

This is the documentation for rvtmod7. rvtmod7 contains more programs. Each program has its own documentation:


rvglue is a program that does multiple tasks on tracks and instances. Possibilities range from merging instances to world files, over texturing lego walls to ripping instances out of world files. It is the largest, and consequently the most confusing, of the programs in this package.

.ase converters

ase2prm and ase2w are two programs to convert 3D Studio MAX files to Re-Volt instances and worlds. They offer several features that are not supported in the prm export plug-in released by Acclaim. ase2taz and ase2vis convert to track zone and vizibox files. They also work with modellors that export v2.00 .ase files (currently 3DSMax R2.5 and R3.x are known to support this file type).


mkmirror provides some way to create reflective (or mirroring) surfaces in tracks.

source code documentation

This is a browseable documentation for rvglue's source code - both the application part and the "lib" part. The latter is a complete library to modify re-volt files, and actually is the core of all programs provided with this package.