About perror.de

This domain is used primarily for private e-Mail, hence there's next to no content. If you want to contact me, write an email to "ali" at this domain.


  1. The Re-Volt stuff: My download page and some IRC logs. The community is still active, visit their discussion forum.
  2. Something about myself.
  3. The reason for the domain name "perror". (No, you don't have to understand it)
  4. Some photos.
  5. The homepage of my professional me.

My (ali's) GnuPG public key is available. Fingerprint is 0BE8 4197 971B E215 61D2 9970 5127 53F0 1449 D71F.

My geek code is GM/CS d?(-)>+ s:++ !a C+++$ ULB+ P--(++) L++ E+++ W++(-) N+ w---() PS+ PE- Y+ PGP++>+++ t+() X-- tv b++>+++ D-- G e+++>++++ h---- r+++ y+++.

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